This is not just another catchy phrase, that you have already seen on thousand different websides. We really meen it, we would be thrilled to see you and would do everything in our power to make your stay comfort and relaxing.

We invite you to the “Pochtamtskaya, 10” hotel. It is located in the historic centrе of Saint-Petersburg, just round the corner from Saint Isaak Cathedral.

You can find a lot of historic landmarks in the walking distance from the hotel – Nevsky Prospect, the Hermitage museum, the Palace Square, The Bronze Horseman statue, the Mariinsky Theatre etc.

The are two single rooms and three doubles in our hotel, all with private bathrooms. The small kitchen is at your service any time of day and night. There is also a number of other usefull things (like an iron, a washing machine etc.) availible. And of course we have free wi-fi.
The entrance in the hotel is in the quiet jard and all the windows also face that way. That gives our guests both shield from the noize from the street and a very typical for St-Petersburg view.

Looking for a nice and comfortable stay in St-Petersburg? Here it is!

We are looking forward to greeting you in “Pochtamtskaya, 10”! Come here for comfort and inspiration!